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Back to Dust is a storytelling game focused in decision making. You and your daughter are in a conflict zone and running low of food, you must travel to the border and try to enter the neighbouring country. The path to the border is full of other refugees asking for your help. The more refugees you accept in your party, the worse is your travel condition. Will your humanity prevail? Or your self-preservation instinct will overcome?


  • Immersive storytelling with 4 uniques endings
  • 10 unique NPCs
  • Procedural NPC story building


  • [Enter] to Start Game
  • [Mouse click] to make decisions


  • Suâmi Abdalla-Santos - Script and Story
  • Philippe Lepletier - Art
  • Felipe Osório - Programming
  • Raul “Super Velociraptor” - Original music


BackToDust.zip 30 MB


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I for myself would have wished for you to get a better placing in the Ludum Dare 40, because you would have deserved it - you made a great serious game about one of the biggest political topics of our time! I really appreciated your approach of showing the troubles of traveling refugees and showed how warm as well as cold our world can be. Thank you very much for that, that's also I wrote about your game and created a little playthrough video of it. Looking forward to your projects in the future! <3

Best wishes,

Totally messed up lol

Great job!

Just got the ending "the politician uses the protagonist's daughter as a pretext to escape the country." One of 4 endings. One of the best games I've ever played so far! Because of the nature of the story/game. I want more of these! Also, would be nice if graphics got buffed too! :D I wanna see a The Last Of Us graphics on this game or games like this! :D


Thanks for playing and enjoying our game! We were so happy with the feedback that we are thinking of expanding this game with new features


Please do! :D