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You are responsible for managing a field hospital near a conflict zone. Resources are scarce and the available structure is limited. A new wave of wounded people arrives every day, there is no space to treat all of them. Read the medical charts and analyze the situation. Sacrifices must be made. The injured needs medkits to be treated. Medkit supplies will arrive some days. Make decisions to save as many people as possible.


  • Manage a field hospital and save many lives you can
  • Accept bribe or gifts to keep the work on
  • Procedural NPC generation
  • 13 unique NPCs
  • 4 unique endings


  • Use mouse to take actions
  • Select injuried people you want to care
  • Click END DAY button when you are done
  • Gameplay lenght: about 10 minutes


  • Game Design and Story - Suâmi Abdalla-Santos
  • Art Director - Philippe Alves Lepletier
  • Programmer - Sérgio Alonso Jr.
  • Music - Arlam Júnior
  • All assets are original and were made within 72h during Ludum Dare 43
Published 14 days ago
AuthorUruca Game Studio
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 43
LinksLudum Dare


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Hey could you add a fullscreen option?

I enjoyed the game and its very good for 72h. Like Rakume said I just got more beds and game then ended lol. 

Can you make an endless mode


I tried to save as many as i could, i had someone offer to give more beds but then the game ended.. The game should say how many days it lasts.

Also all the ending did was said i saved a doctor and that she saved many lives.. but it said nothing about my performance or anything else.